Attractive Apple employee benefits

On January 3, 2012, in Apple Tablet, by Max Leschen

Apple is perhaps one of the most powerful companies in the world; it has multi-billion dollars of revenue. It is ne of the most influential and strongest there is, leading the industry and competition all across the globe. They have the most sought after line of products which is famous world-wide. It has specifically more than $65 billion worth of worldwide annual sales and as of September of 2010, it holds 46,600 full time employees and 2,800 temporary employees worldwide.

That’s a lot of man-power and employees and why not, employees are the heart of an organization, they pump the blood to keep all of it going. And that being said, Apple is so successful at keeping their employees, I wonder why and how that is. It’s probably because of the attractive Apple employee benefits the company boasts of. Apple is serious about valuing its team and the company tackles pride at its dynamic and casual approach to working, they have a casual and relaxed work environment that doesn’t put stress or pressure to employees.

Apple also gives seriousness to diversity, having a Commitment to Diversity program which celebrates the company’s diverse working community, with people of different yet with successful convergence. Apple brings together new and innovative minds into its teams wherein they develop different perspectives as well as skills to achieve their organizational goals. Surely, it can be hard work but Apple takes good care of its employees with lovely and attractive benefits such as:

•401 (k) plan- this is good because employees have the opportunity to start their savings and make a good investment. Apple offers pre-take deferrals, online investment options, investment advices and the opportunity to purchase stocks with their stock purchase plans.

•Knowing Apple, they have some of the most sought after products in the worldwide market today and Apple employees have the sole privilege to buy Apple products at a 25% discount, all year round. Sweet deal; I really don’t see me working at an electronics company or shop but for 25% off on Apple products, why not?!

•Apple believes in the importance of education tat is why they provide employees educational reimbursements. Employees are also welcome to join or enroll for education classes provided by the company which encourages employees to learn more and do more. Reaching targets and goals is Apple’s priority so the company shares the same opportunity with its employees.

•The world famous corporation also encourages healthy living so they give employees health and fitness programs as benefits also, the corporation has its own onsite fitness center.

•Apple also believes in the importance of spending as much time with family as well as rest and relaxation so they provide their employees with an extensive lists of paid holidays as well as paid vacations.

•Employees are also given the benefit of free personal or family counseling wherein employees and families can consult professional with regards to problems and issues in life, totally free of charge.

•Apple also has a program dedicated to commuters; employees can make use of the regular/daily shuttle the company has provided, that has certain pick-up and drop-off points. Apple’s employee service shuttles are equipped with free Wi-Fi for the employees, convenient and very useful.
These are just some of the attractive Apple employee benefits, there is more reason why Apple employees love their job but for you to find out, you have to be an Apple employee yourself.


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